My Favorite Things

So one time my awesome sister, who is a party throwing extraordinaire, told me about a “Favorite Things” party she was hosting. I had never heard of it before but it’s basically like a grown-up version of show-and-tell. There are lots of ways to do it, but in the end you leave the party with a wealth of knowledge on various products that are your friends’ absolute faves. Best idea ever.

There are so many things her friends have brought like the best brush or the best cleaning spray or the best face wash, etc. Of course I can’t remember anything besides a candle from Target that smells amazing and is apparently an Anthropologie knock-off, but I don’t remember the name of it so I guess that doesn’t count. I’m useless! Good news is I have my own faves to share! Trust me, you need these three things in your life NOW. Continue reading


Toddler-Friendly Scripture Study: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Alma Teaches and Baptizes

Song: When I Am Baptized (CS, 103)
I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain (left hand up over eyes looking for something, right hand imitates rain with fingers)
And ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again (finger up to head for “ponder”, ASL for “beauty”, ASL for “clean”)
I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain (point to self, ASL for “clean”, make rain with hands)
I want to be the best I can and live with God again (point to self, nod head, ASL for “God”)

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Something’s Gotta Give

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how women often compare themselves to other women. I myself have struggled with this and it has caused me to make some changes in my life, some good and some bad.

When I see what other women/moms are doing, I sometimes try to do whatever it is they do. (Hello, Pinterest!) I don’t do it because I am self-conscious, I do it because I see all the cool things everyone else is doing and think that my children/family must be deprived because I don’t always do what others do.

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Toddler-Friendly Scripture Study: Chapter 13

Chapters 13: Zeniff
If you haven’t read my initial post, read it here. It explains the scripture study plan in a little more detail and gives more information for how to teach it. 
Oh, how praying rests the weary. (lay head on hands like you are sleeping)
Prayer will change the night to day. (fold arms for “prayer”, then sign “day”)
So, when life gets dark and dreary, (make a sad face)
Don’t forget to pray (shake head “no”, fold arms)


1. Letter Match-Up (using vocabulary from the story)
For this activity, we just use our magnetic ABC letters.

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Easter Week: A Walk with Christ

This year I would like to start a new Christ-centered tradition for Easter. We really really enjoyed the 25 Days of Christ that we did for Christmas, so I compiled a bunch of ideas I found online to follow a similar format.

Day 1: Triumphal Entry (Sunday)

Scripture: Mark 11:1-11
Activity: Make a Hosanna Palm – write ways you will welcome Jesus into your life on your palm leaf

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Toddler-Friendly Scripture Study: Chapter 12

Chapters 12: King Benjamin
If you haven’t read my initial post, read it here. It explains the scripture study plan in a little more detail and gives more information for how to teach it. 
Song: Love One Another, p. 136 (ASL adapted from Children’s Songbook)
As I have loved you,
Love one another.
This new commandment:
Love one another.
By this shall men know
Ye are my disciples,
If ye have love
One to another.

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Valentine’s Day Invitations

We had a little Valentine’s Day breakfast for our primary children a couple weeks ago and it turned out great! We ate food (crepes, pancakes and a couple of sides), had a visit from the sister missionaries, and ended with Valentine’s Bingo. We had a good turn out and I think the kids had a fun time! I especially loved the message the sister missionaries shared with the children, that God loves each and every one of them! It tied in perfectly with our Valentine’s theme. Continue reading

Our Favorite Pizza Sauce

I love making things from scratch but sometimes I like to take shortcuts. And by sometimes, I mean all the time.

Let’s take pizza for example. Yes, I could make the dough and knead it and then let it rise and then get out my food processor and make my own pizza sauce and then grate a bunch of cheese and cut up all the toppings and then make a salad to go on the side. OR I could knock out a couple of these steps and make life easier.

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