Toddler-Friendly Scripture Study: Chapter 12

Chapters 12: King Benjamin
If you haven’t read my initial post, read it here. It explains the scripture study plan in a little more detail and gives more information for how to teach it. 
Song: Love One Another, p. 136 (ASL adapted from Children’s Songbook)
As I have loved you,
Love one another.
This new commandment:
Love one another.
By this shall men know
Ye are my disciples,
If ye have love
One to another.


1. Summary: (goes with pictures)
1. King Benjamin was a righteous Nephite king. He became old and wanted to talk to the Nephites.
2. The Nephites came from far away to listen. They set up tents near the temple. King Benjamin spoke from a tall tower so the people could hear him.
3. He taught the people many important things. He told them to serve one another and to keep the commandments. He also taught them about Jesus.
4. The people were sorry for their sins. They said a prayer and repented. They were happy because they knew Heavenly Father forgave them.
5. King Benjamin taught them to pray every day and told them that children should not to fight. He said children should love and serve one another.
6. The Nephites believed King Benjamin’s teachings. They promised to keep the commandments. King Benjamin was happy.
2. Rebus Story, “King Benjamin Teaches the Nephites”A simple story that uses pictures for some of the words

Art/Craft: Super cute coloring page found here(I love all her coloring pages!)

UPDATE: Super cute Book of Mormon coloring book available on – found HERE. For this lesson, I would use this page:


For older kids, there is a King Benjamin hidden picture page found here.
For all you super moms out there, you could also build “King Benjamin’s tower” out of toothpicks and marshmallows!
Scripture Study Outline
Again, if you haven’t read my initial post, read it here. This outline is very brief. The link will lead to an explanation of the scripture study and gives more information for how to teach it. 
1. Preview the chapter with a picture walk. (Explanation found here.) Introduce the song by listening to it a couple times and humming to the tune.
2. (It would be fun to make a little “tent” out of blankets and have that be your special reading place for this chapter.) Read through the story in the manual. Ask questions and take time to look at the pictures as you read. Take as many days as needed to read the whole chapter. End by listening to/singing the song.
3.  Have your child color one of the coloring pages OR the figures quietly while you read sections of the story from the actual scriptures. (Use the scriptural references found under the pictures in the manual as a guide.) Take as many days as needed to read through the passages. End each day by singing the song.
4. Read the summary to your child and hold up the pictures as you read. Read the summary again and ask your child to point to the appropriate figures as you read (i.e. where is King Benjamin? Where is the tower?) End by singing the song.
5. Read the Rebus story with your child. Watch the scripture story video. End by reading your favorite verse from the story.

6. Choose one of the activities to do again (Rebus story or summary with figures). Read your favorite verse and then have your child read part or all of it by repeating after you. Share your testimony. End by singing the song.



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