Toddler-Friendly Scripture Study: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Alma Teaches and Baptizes

Song: When I Am Baptized (CS, 103)
I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain (left hand up over eyes looking for something, right hand imitates rain with fingers)
And ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again (finger up to head for “ponder”, ASL for “beauty”, ASL for “clean”)
I want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain (point to self, ASL for “clean”, make rain with hands)
I want to be the best I can and live with God again (point to self, nod head, ASL for “God”)


The Fourth Article of Faith (CS, 124)


1. Printable Figures


Summary: (compliments printable figures)

1. After Alma ran away from King Noah’s servants, he wrote down what Abinadi had taught. He found people to share Abinadi’s message with.
2. He taught the people to have faith in Jesus and to repent. The people who believed Alma were baptized. Alma baptized many people.
3. King Noah’s servants saw Alma teaching the people. King Noah sent an army to kill them. God warned Alma. Alma and his people ran away. God protected them.
4. Alma and his people found a beautiful place to live. The people loved and served one another and were happy.

2. Coloring page

Optional Activities:
This little coloring page would be good if you are choosing to sing and focus on the fourth article of faith. Do the slits mean you are supposed to cut and form a cube with all four pieces? I don’t know. Haha.

Scripture Study Outline
Again, if you haven’t read my initial post, read it here. This outline is very brief. The link will lead to an explanation of the scripture study and gives more information for how to teach it.

1. Preview the chapter with a picture walk. (Explanation found here.) Introduce the song by listening to it a couple times and humming to the tune.

2. Read through the story in the manual. Ask questions and take time to look at the pictures as you read. Take as many days as needed to read the whole chapter. End by listening to/singing the song.

3. Have your child color the printable figures and/or coloring pages while you read sections of the story from the actual scriptures. Take as many days as needed to read through the passages. End each day by singing the song.

4. (Cut out colored printable figures in advance. Optional: Tape them to straws/popsicle sticks.) Share the summary as you hold up the printable figures. Repeat a few times. Ask questions about the figures/story. See if they can repeat some or parts of the summary back to you. End by singing the song.

5. Watch the scripture story video. End by reading your favorite verse from the passages and singing the song.

6. Have child try to retell the story using the figures, helping them as needed. Read a favorite verse from this story two times and have your child read it with you the second time. Share your testimony. End by singing the song.


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