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Pinterest is a dangerous place.
I love browsing and looking at all the amazing things people are creating/cooking/baking/etc. but man, it really is a time-sucker. One minute it’s 9:30 and then suddenly it’s midnight. Anybody with me on this? The struggle is real.
One thing I love to look up is traditions that others do in their families, specifically for the holidays. I grew up with a few traditions in my family but am excited to add even more now that I have a little family of my own. I decided to start a new tradition this year based on an idea that I have seen on Pinterest, but actually learned from my sister-in-law first.

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It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

Last Halloween, Tate became OBSESSED with this book. I remember him asking me over and over to read it until the point where I had it memorized (not that hard to do with a board book, but you get the point). After a while I could no longer muster the energy to use any expression. I was sure he would eventually get bored but I swear we could have read this book all day if I was able.

We have had it up on his bookshelf for a while and now that Halloween is right around the corner I couldn’t resist using it as a lesson. It really is such a cute book. Maybe it’s not cute enough to read it twenty times in a row, but it is definitely lesson-worthy!

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Fall Scavenger Hunt

For our second “tot school” lesson of the week, we went on a scavenger hunt with the boys. We met up at the park and let the boys wander around for a few minutes. Then Karli read a fall-themed book before setting the boys loose. She gave them an empty raspberry tin with word strips/pictures on it so they knew what to look for. Given their ages, this is what really happened: we held the containers and told them what to look for (and sometimes where to look, too). Tate didn’t know what an acorn was so after he found one and learned the word he was really into talking about it for the rest of the day. On the way home all I heard about was how he found an acorn and when he saw an acorn and, “Hey Mom, an acorn!”

Fall Bucket List

Every time I put this wreath on my door I get excited. Giddy, even. It signifies that fall is here (even if it is still in the 80s) and that makes me happy. I thought I loved fall before I moved out east. Pfft. I didn’t know what love was. I can now say with full confidence that fall is my favorite season. If it was fall here year-round, I would never leave. But alas, winter will come. And I shall be bitter once more. Continue reading

Interchangeable Yarn Wreath

I had a really hard time naming this post in such a boring, straight-forward manner. Just an FYI.

I normally don’t get that excited about wreaths that I make, but I really am pumped about this one. Yarn wreaths are by far my favorite but they take twelve years and five months to make. This is a problem. All of the hours spent wrapping yarn and untangling it only to tangle it again by continuing to wrap it is enough to drive a person insane. Oh, and let’s not forget all the time spent massaging your hand and hoping you don’t develop some type of arthritis. Yes, I’m a whiner and yes, it may not be that bad, but I’ve solved my problem regardless. This wreath is interchangeable! The bats are pinned on, not glued, so now I can take them off and pin on other things depending on the season or holiday. I can pin on snowflakes or blue roses for winter, hearts or red roses for Valentines Day, four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Three cheers for preventing carpal tunnel! Continue reading