Easter Week: A Walk with Christ

This year I would like to start a new Christ-centered tradition for Easter. We really really enjoyed the 25 Days of Christ that we did for Christmas, so I compiled a bunch of ideas I found online to follow a similar format.

Day 1: Triumphal Entry (Sunday)

Scripture: Mark 11:1-11
Activity: Make a Hosanna Palm – write ways you will welcome Jesus into your life on your palm leaf

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Felt Circle Wreath

Nothing beats this time of year. I am mildly obsessed with Christmas and I always look forward to the first of December when I can put up the tree (although Jordan let me put it up before Thanksgiving this year – it’s a Christmas miracle!) and this wreath: Continue reading

Gratitude Banner

Pinterest is a dangerous place.
I love browsing and looking at all the amazing things people are creating/cooking/baking/etc. but man, it really is a time-sucker. One minute it’s 9:30 and then suddenly it’s midnight. Anybody with me on this? The struggle is real.
One thing I love to look up is traditions that others do in their families, specifically for the holidays. I grew up with a few traditions in my family but am excited to add even more now that I have a little family of my own. I decided to start a new tradition this year based on an idea that I have seen on Pinterest, but actually learned from my sister-in-law first.

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Up Family Costume

I have a weird memory. I can’t tell you what I wore a couple days ago but I can tell you about that one time my sister called me “pig nose” when I was five. I can’t tell you much about my college graduation other than I did indeed graduate, but I can tell you about the time my sister flung food across the table and it got stuck in my dad’s chest hair (TMI? #sorrynotsorry). I can’t tell you much about my wedding day, but I can tell you about the time when I crimped my hair in fourth grade and a girl named Ashley told me it looked like I got electrocuted. I can’t tell you very many things about the big, important days in my life but I can tell you about the silly, small and/or unimportant things like the time my sister threw up blueberry pancakes or when I jumped off the high-dive during swimming lessons and did a belly flop.

When it comes to Halloween, this same, weird memory kicks in. I can’t tell you about memories I made trick-or-treating or even what costumes I wore (I remember the ones I have pictures of) but I can tell you how I would pick out my costume each year.