Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes is such a fun book! When I first read it with Tate a year or so ago, he LOVED it. We looked up the free song that goes along with it and sang as we read it over and over, per his request. It is a perfect book for talking about colors and cause and effect. I also love that it teaches a little lesson about having a good attitude, too. Rather than whine about his shoes changing colors or getting wet, Pete keeps his head up and stays positive! It’s the perfect lesson for kids at this age when whining really hits a peak. (Or is that just my kid?)

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Where Is the Rocket?

I really wish this book existed when I was teaching fourth grade. Where Is the Rocket? is perfect for teaching prepositions! While it may seem a little intense to try and tackle prepositions with a two and three-year-old, positional/directional words are HUGE at this age! I am constantly using prepositional phrases with Tate…
“Lightning McQueen is under your bed.”
“Your shoes are in the ottoman.”
“The ball is behind the chair.”

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It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

Last Halloween, Tate became OBSESSED with this book. I remember him asking me over and over to read it until the point where I had it memorized (not that hard to do with a board book, but you get the point). After a while I could no longer muster the energy to use any expression. I was sure he would eventually get bored but I swear we could have read this book all day if I was able.

We have had it up on his bookshelf for a while and now that Halloween is right around the corner I couldn’t resist using it as a lesson. It really is such a cute book. Maybe it’s not cute enough to read it twenty times in a row, but it is definitely lesson-worthy!

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Fall Scavenger Hunt

For our second “tot school” lesson of the week, we went on a scavenger hunt with the boys. We met up at the park and let the boys wander around for a few minutes. Then Karli read a fall-themed book before setting the boys loose. She gave them an empty raspberry tin with word strips/pictures on it so they knew what to look for. Given their ages, this is what really happened: we held the containers and told them what to look for (and sometimes where to look, too). Tate didn’t know what an acorn was so after he found one and learned the word he was really into talking about it for the rest of the day. On the way home all I heard about was how he found an acorn and when he saw an acorn and, “Hey Mom, an acorn!”

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

For this lesson, I started off by having the boys color this printable that I found on (I cut the monkeys out in advance.) After a minute or two of coloring, we sang a few songs and then I read Five Little Monkeys three times. The first time I read it the boys just sat and listened. The second time I read it the boys acted it out with simple actions (holding up their fingers, rubbing their heads, calling the doctor, etc.). The third time I had the boys act it out with their printable monkeys/beds. (After each monkey fell off we asked the boys to count how many were still left on the bed. Easy way to integrate some subtraction skills!)
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Go, Dog, Go!

This lesson made me so happy. It was so much fun, even for me, and I’m a grown woman. Props to Karli for the great ideas. Her genius strikes again.

When Tate and I walked in, there was a printable from Go, Dog, Go! waiting for him to color. After a couple minutes of coloring we sang our usual songs and then Karli read Go, Dog, Go! to the boys. (Why do I not own this book? I do not know.) After she finished, she had the boys trace their names using little Thomas trains as we talked about each letter that makes up their names. Continue reading

Tot School

Since Tate was about 18 months old I started making plans to do a little educational activity with him every day. I mapped out my week and figured out what time of day would be best to dedicate to “learning time”.  I assigned each day a different subject. I spent hours looking on Pinterest for good ideas and looked up Pre-K standards to make sure I was teaching the right things. After hours and hours of researching and planning and finding ideas, I was ready. I had all that I needed to teach Tate.
But it never happened. Story of my life.
Does any one else do this? Plan and plan and make an awesome goal but then never follow through? I feel like that’s what my life as a mom has been whether it be a recipe I SWORE I was going to make or a craft I bought supplies for but never found the time to do. I am constantly finding or coming up with ideas but then for one reason or another they just don’t happen. Because I’m cool like that.

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