This year I have made a goal to complete at least one project a month. I don’t craft nearly as much as I used to and I miss it. Now that Tate is a little older, I hope to have some time to work on projects every now and then. For a while there I considered it a success to have showered by the end of the day. Crafting was not an option, even if I had the energy for it. I seriously have no idea how these super-blogger-moms do it. These wonderful women who somehow manage to homeschool their children with enriching, homemade activities, bake delicious meals and desserts, complete amazing DIY projects and maintain a clean house all in one day fascinate me. How is it possible to do so much with multiple kids and only 24 hours? Is there something I’m missing out on or is normal to be a little lame as a first-time mom? I feel that Tate’s super dependent stage has passed and now I have time to do a lot more than before; but I have no idea how some moms do that much. I think I’ll start small and try to forget about those moms, otherwise I’ll get really depressed!

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So, I haven’t been able to sleep well lately. Jordan, on the other hand, has been passing out at around 10 every night, leaving me with my computer. Alone. All alone. This is not a good thing since every time I pick up my computer and there isn’t anything or anyone distracting me, I end up spending hours browsing/stalking websites and blogs. I have been wanting to make something for my sisters for a really long time and figured Pottery Barn would have some fun things to look at. Continue reading