Up Family Costume

I have a weird memory. I can’t tell you what I wore a couple days ago but I can tell you about that one time my sister called me “pig nose” when I was five. I can’t tell you much about my college graduation other than I did indeed graduate, but I can tell you about the time my sister flung food across the table and it got stuck in my dad’s chest hair (TMI? #sorrynotsorry). I can’t tell you much about my wedding day, but I can tell you about the time when I crimped my hair in fourth grade and a girl named Ashley told me it looked like I got electrocuted. I can’t tell you very many things about the big, important days in my life but I can tell you about the silly, small and/or unimportant things like the time my sister threw up blueberry pancakes or when I jumped off the high-dive during swimming lessons and did a belly flop.

When it comes to Halloween, this same, weird memory kicks in. I can’t tell you about memories I made trick-or-treating or even what costumes I wore (I remember the ones I have pictures of) but I can tell you how I would pick out my costume each year.

Interchangeable Yarn Wreath

I had a really hard time naming this post in such a boring, straight-forward manner. Just an FYI.

I normally don’t get that excited about wreaths that I make, but I really am pumped about this one. Yarn wreaths are by far my favorite but they take twelve years and five months to make. This is a problem. All of the hours spent wrapping yarn and untangling it only to tangle it again by continuing to wrap it is enough to drive a person insane. Oh, and let’s not forget all the time spent massaging your hand and hoping you don’t develop some type of arthritis. Yes, I’m a whiner and yes, it may not be that bad, but I’ve solved my problem regardless. This wreath is interchangeable! The bats are pinned on, not glued, so now I can take them off and pin on other things depending on the season or holiday. I can pin on snowflakes or blue roses for winter, hearts or red roses for Valentines Day, four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Three cheers for preventing carpal tunnel! Continue reading